Top 10 Travel Essentials: Carry-On Edition

Taking off for an end-of-summer or early fall getaway? Wherever you may be headed, there are certain essential items that should be mainstays in your carry-on. Read on for my must-have items for a comfortable yet fuss-free travel experience. 

Travel Essentials

My Top 10 Carry-on Items:

  1. Travel pouch. I’ve recently discovered that having a travel pouch (essentially just a clutch) with my key travel items – such as a boarding pass, passport, phone, glasses, pen and paper – makes it that much easier to breeze through check-in. Less digging around in your bag for all of those boarding essentials. I’m partial to my leopard print Clare Vivier clutch, but any clutch, pouch or even a small toiletry case will do.
  2. Hydrating skin care. There’s nothing quite like the moisture-sucking air on an airplane to make your skin feel tight and dry. I like to bring travel-sized moisturizer with me so I can slather it on mid-flight, along with lip balm. Having some moisturizing makeup removal wipes on hand is also smart – it makes cleansing skin that much easier at high altitudes.
  3. Headphones. From watching the in-flight entertainment to listening to some tunes (or simply to block out the noise from your travel companions), some large headphones do wonders on planes (I love the white and gold ones from FRENDS). You’ll never want to use the plane freebies again!
  4. Eye shades. Perfect when you need some shut-eye (especially if it’s the middle of the day or there are bright lights on). Tip: super sensitive to sound? Add some ear plugs into the mix, or keep your headphones on like me.
  5. Reading material. Whether a magazine, new book (hard copy or digital) or newspaper, I love having something to read on a flight. It’s a nice way to distract yourself, get up to speed on some news or get lost in a fictional story, while mentally decompressing before arriving at your destination.
  6. Travel EssentialsNotebook. I love having a notepad where I can jot down random thoughts whenever they pop into my mind, which seems to be frequently when travelling. Whether you use an old-school notebook or a digital one, it’s a great way to keep track of your witty ideas or just about anything else that is on your mind.
  7. First-aid kit. I make sure to keep any meds, including pain reliever, as well as vitamins, bandages and antiseptic wipes in a small pouch wherever I go.
  8. Snacks. If you can, bring some snacks with you. I like to keep a protein bar in my purse just in case I get a mid-flight pang of hunger and the airplane food just isn’t cutting it.
  9. Change of clothes. I always pack a change of clothes when I travel. You never know if you’ll spill some food or drink (hello, red wine!) on your outfit. Included with my change of clothes: a nice pair of warm socks. I love to slip them on once the plane takes off.
  10. Scarf. This one is a no brainer, and the bigger the scarf the better – it can double as an in-flight blanket in a pinch. I don’t know about you, but I am often freezing on planes so having that added layer is crucial. A lightweight jersey scarf is perfect for summertime travels, while a large cashmere shawl does wonders in the winter.

Stay tuned for next week’s post on my top must-haves to pack in  your checked baggage!

Melanie Anne


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