Meet Me in Lahti

There are few things I find more relaxing and peaceful than being by the lake, and Lahti, Finland offers lakeside living at its finest, albeit in a completely unpretentious way. 

Situated northeast of the capital of Helsinki and located by the water, I was glad to spend a day roaming through Lahti. The itinerary included walking by the harbour, enjoying coffee and dessert at a modern cafe (that appears as if it is floating over the lake), and stopping by Sibelius Hall, a concert hall named after the famous composer Jean Sibelius.

Water? Check. Architecture. Check. Culture? You bet. Lahti has all of that, and then some, to offer locals and visitors alike.

Melanie Anne







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  1. Thanks for helping me recall my visit in the ’90’s! I also loved standing at the top of the ski jump and realizing there was no way I could EVER be persuaded to start down it…

    1. Hi Amy! So glad to hear this post brought back those happy memories. I too can vividly recall being at the top of the ski jumps – definitely a highlight! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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