Top 10 Travel Essentials: Checked Baggage Edition

Last week I shared my top must-haves to keep in your carry-on, and this week the travel theme continues with my top 10 items to keep in your checked baggage. With these items stowed in your luggage, you’ll be ready for anything your next trip throws at you.

CheckedBaggageMy Top 10 Checked Baggage Items:

  1. Layers. Having layers in your suitcase is an essential when travelling. From tank tops to tees, blouses, lightweight sweaters and jackets, you can layer together several of these items in chilly temps and remove as necessary when the weather heats up, or transitioning from indoors to outdoors.
  2. Comfortable shoes. Sneakers are a must – your feet will thank you. Going some place warm? Birkenstocks are perfect when you’re walking for hours on end, and are especially handy if you’ll be spending your days navigating through uneven cobblestone roads.
  3. Hats. Depending on the location and season, this can range from a fedora to a baseball cap to a straw hat for the beach. I like to bring a medley, as they can instantly make an outfit feel more fun and fresh.
  4. Handheld steamer. This can literally save you lots of tears when you realize, upon arrival at your destination, that the beautiful silk dress you carefully packed in tissue and are about to wear to a fancy dinner or wedding is completely wrinkled. Yes, I speak from experience. However, I’ve learned from my past mistakes and you can too – a handheld steamer is really a godsend on any trip.
  5. Bathing suit. Not going to the beach for your vacation and not planning to swim in a pool? Pack a bathing suit anyhow! You never know if the hotel you’re staying at or a house you will be visiting may have a pool. Even if you don’t end up taking a dip, you needn’t worry – bathing suits take up minimal space and weight in your suitcase.
  6. Umbrella. You never know if a little (or a lot of) rain will come out of nowhere and threaten to dampen your vacation (no pun intended). Be prepared by keeping a small umbrella in your rental car or in your purse, just in case!
  7. Cross-body purse. A compact cross-body bag is perfect for your next getaway. Yes, it can help keep potential bag thefts and pocket pickers at bay, and also frees up your hands to take pictures and carry groceries or some fun finds from a shopping trip.
  8. Sunscreen. This one is a no-brainer. It is imperative to protect your skin, no matter what climate or geographic location you’ll be in.
  9. Scarf. I mentioned this as a carry-on must-have, but it is certainly a checked baggage must-have as well. I like to pack a few different scarves – they can easily perk up even the simplest of outfits.
  10. Denim. It’s hard to imagine a trip or location where denim wouldn’t be appropriate. It is a hard-working, easy to wash material, and can be dressed up or down. You can also think beyond your jeans (although I recommend packing those as well). Denim shirts and jackets are also incredibly versatile items to mix and match with your travel wardrobe.

Hopefully these tips will help you pack like a travel pro for your next trip, whether a sunny tropical destination, European city or anything in between.

Melanie Anne



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