Sofa Styling

Happy Friday! I have been on a bit of a home rejuvenation kick of late, reorganizing and redecorating from room to room, and I had a lot of fun with the sofa styling in my living room.

I have had this white sofa for a number of years and it has been surprisingly versatile – my cushion covers are removable and machine washable, so I don’t need to be overly cautious or concerned about spilling something on it. Also, any accent colour really pops against a white couch. My preferred colour scheme at the moment is black and white, which extends from the pillows all the way to the striped rug below. I recently snagged this adorable ‘Let’s Stay Home’ pillow from Indigo and I love how it adds a quirky touch to the sofa. For the cooler months, I have also added some faux sheepskins to the seat for a more cozy and Scandinavian feel. All in all, it feels very comfortable yet chic.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Melanie AnneHonestyle-Home-Decor-Sofa-Styling





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