Pumpkin Votive DIY

Halloween is nearly here! Although I live in a condo (no jack-o-lanterns allowed outside our units, for obvious reasons) I couldn’t help but infuse a little festive decor into my space. Pumpkins were the natural choice, not to mention the orange colour ties into my decor scheme nicely (FYI – orange also happens to be my favourite colour, so I like interspersing it into my home here and there). I wasn’t up to the task of carving a large pumpkin but still wanted to do something fun and different, so I decided to turn some miniature pumpkins into votives. See below for easy step-by-step instructions and give it a try yourself, if you dare!

Happy DIY-ing!
Melanie Anne


Honestyle-Pumpkin-Votive-DIY-Halloween Pumpkin Votive DIY Materials

  • Pumpkins (as many or as few as you would like)
  • Votive candles
  • Sharp knife
  • Marker for tracing


  1. The first step, naturally, is to pick up some small pumpkins from your local supermarket (or pumpkin patch, in which case I think you are the coolest person ever for being so authentic and old-school).
  2. Remove the stem of the pumpkin with your knife (this may take a bit of elbow grease – at least that was my experience).
  3. Once the stem is removed, place a votive on top of the pumpkin, and trace an outline with a marker to make cutting easier.
  4. With your knife, cut along the traced line, then remove the innards and seeds.
  5. Place candle inside, light and enjoy.

Note: I arranged mine on my dining room table, surrounded by some non-votive pumpkins and a larger one in the centre. Such a fun and festive tablescape!






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