Fall Home Decor Inspiration

Fall is the perfect time to revamp your interior space and make it extra cozy for the season. Right now I am inspired by lots of white, black accents, natural wood, graphic artwork, the occasional shearling (you really can’t go wrong with a bit of shearling at home) and hits of silver, gold and copper. Staying home has never felt so good.

Looking for more interior inspiration? Be sure to check out my posts on sofa styling and coffee table curation. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming post on holiday-inspired decor!

Melanie Anne

This living room fuses eclecticism and timelessness with ease.
Contemporary with a rustic twist.
Modern chalet vibes = fall perfection.
White and marble = a classic kitchen pairing.
Scandinavian modern, with black and white and a beautiful copper chandelier.
Midcentury Scandinavian modern.
Classic yet whimsical, with a touch of Alice in Wonderland.
Cream, black and gold, with lots of glasses on display.
Glam meets cozy. Loving the dark wall and clever artwork.
Simple and uncluttered, punctuated by a gallery wall above the bed.

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