My Top 10 Handbag Must-Haves

It’s Black Friday! I have a full day at the office today, but I can’t help but think of all the amazing deals to be had in stores (which I’m sure will be packed with scores of shoppers on the lookout for some great savings). As for me? I’m all about Cyber Monday and shopping from the comfort of my couch – no lineups for this girl! But I digress.

Today I’m sharing my top 10 handbag must-haves, no matter where I’m headed for the day, whether that be the office, post-work dinner and drinks or out and about on the weekend.

Now back to shopping (and good deals). Stay tuned for next week, when I begin to unveil my holiday gift guides on Honestyle™. Lots of goodies are in store as we head into December!

Melanie Anne

My Handbag Must-Haves

Handbag A note on handbags: I love a lightweight purse like this Louis Vuitton one. It’s roomy so you can certainly fit a lot in it, but the material doesn’t weigh you down – ideal if you’ll be carrying it for hours on end. Longchamp makes really versatile nylon purses as well (with an added benefit of a zipper to hide everything from public view). Now on to the essentials:Honestyle-Top-10-Handbag-Must-Haves

1. iPhone
I’m not too sure what I would do without my trusty iPhone. Now if I can only upgrade to the 6s one day soon….

2. Headphones

I’m partial to my FRENDS headphones (also a travel must-have of mine). The sound quality is so much better than your standard headphones, and they are far more comfortable. Bonus: they double as chic earmuffs come wintertime.
3. Wallet
This Tory Burch wallet is fantastic – it holds all my cards, not to mention the zipper keeps all my receipts, loose change and subway tokens from spilling out.

4. Card Holder
I also keep a small card holder on hand with my business cards – you never know who you might meet!
5. Sunglasses
Sunnies are crucial to protect your eyes from the elements. They’re also great if you’re just really tired – throw on some shades and channel your inner celebrity. My sunglasses are Elizabeth and James.

6. Water

Hydration is key. The minute I leave the house I inevitably get thirsty, so a water bottle is always on hand.
7. Pen and Notebook
Sure, you can take notes on your phone, but good old-fashioned pen and paper can’t be beat.

It is cold and flu season after all.

 Gum and Mints
When you really need it, whether it’s after a garlic-infused meal or before you head into a big meeting, you’ll be glad you have it in your bag.
10. Mini Survival Kit
I need to have a little survival kit with the following : hand lotion, lip gloss, concealer, contact lens solution, bandages, hand sanitizer, compact mirror, perfume, stain removing pen and dental floss. With these items stashed in my purse, I’m ready for (nearly) anything the day may throw at me!

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