Winter Skincare SOS

Happy Monday! It is downright frigid outside, and this winter weather has been wreaking havoc on my skin. My hands in particular have been getting so dry and cracked despite my constant moisturizing and the fact that I always wear gloves outdoors.

That is until I used Original Melkfett from the German skincare brand Ombra. My sister and mother have been using this stuff for years, and I finally picked up a jar for myself. The results have been pretty incredible so far.

Made with Calendula extract and vitamin E, it deeply moisturizes skin while adding a protective barrier from the elements. It has a light and pleasant scent as well. Not only for hands, this product is great to use on the body and feet, and can even be used on your face. Some doctors even recommend it for treatment of light eczema and psoriasis (but always speak to your doctor first if you have either of these skin conditions). It’s basically a multipurpose skincare salve in a jar.

How about you – have you tried Melkfett? Do you have any other skincare tips and tricks for the chilly winter months?

Melanie Anne



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