Pucker Up: Lipstick Shades for Winter

Happy Friday everyone! We really are in the thick of winter, aren’t we? I find a lot of people pare back on colour this time of year, which extends to makeup as well. However, I think it’s especially fun to inject some colour into your makeup palette during the winter. A pop of pink on your lips can do a lot to brighten up your outfit and mood simultaneously.

Case in point: I recently purchased three beautiful pink lipstick shades from Revlon: Demure, Stormy Pink and Coralberry. Stormy Pink has been in constant rotation this past week, and I especially love how it pops against an all-black ensemble.

I highly encourage you to say bye bye to the winter blues and embrace these fun pinky hues!

Melanie Anne
Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-LipstickShades-Winter Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-LipstickShades-Winter Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-LipstickShades-Winter Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-LipstickShades-WinterHonestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-LipstickShades-Winter


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