Skincare Line I Love: La Roche-Posay

Today I wanted to share some products from a skincare line I have been loyal to for ages: La Roche-Posay. I started using these products as a teenager (back then they were a lot tougher to spot at your local drugstore). Ideal for even the most sensitive skin and free of parabens and fragrances, this is some fancy skincare that you can purchase at a relatively affordable price point. I shared a few of my La Roche-Posay mainstays in an older post on fall skincare essentials, and wanted to share a few other favourite products that are too good to keep secret.

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Melanie Anne

Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-Skincare-LaRochePosayCicaplast Gel
This gel-like lotion is perfect when your skin feels irritated and distressed. It is also classified as a “post-procedure” product (as it is anti-bacterial), but I just like how it adds a protective barrier to my skin and helps restore hydration and improve skin texture. Bonus: it can be applied to lips as well!

Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-Skincare-LaRochePosayCicaplast Mains
A newer addition to the Cicaplast line of products, this hand cream is perfect for the harsh winter climate – damaged and cracked hands be gone! The relief hands feel after using this product is instantaneous. Its compact size also makes it the ideal product to stash in your purse for quick reapplication on the go.

Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-Skincare-LaRochePosayHydraphase Intense Serum
I recently discovered this serum and love how it feels against my skin – it is incredibly light and hydrating all at once – no greasiness and no tightening of the skin. It can be used in the morning under your SPF and before bed, under your nightly moisturizer. I highly recommend it!

Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-Skincare-LaRochePosayHydraphase Intense Light
This is my preferred nighttime lotion for face and neck. After cleansing skin, coat your skin with the Hydraphase serum first, throw this over top and enjoy rejuvenated and rehydrated skin while you sleep.

Honestyle-MelanieAnneFilipp-Skincare-LaRochePosayAnthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra-Fluid Lotion SPF 50
This is a fantastic (and lighter) alternative to foundation – the tint gives you a nice all day glow, while the SPF ensures you’re protecting your skin from the elements. This is also an ideal item to pack for a vacation to a warm destination, as you can use it all day long.


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