Ultrasonic Diffusers: 3 Benefits You Need to Know About

Ultrasonic diffusers are all the rage right now. I received my own for Christmas, and I don’t know how I ever went without. According to Saje, these diffusers use “an ultrasonic, heat-free system to disperse essential oil molecules into the air.” What does this all mean, you ask? I’m breaking down three key benefits to using one in your home – see below! Continue reading “Ultrasonic Diffusers: 3 Benefits You Need to Know About”


Holiday Decor Inspiration: 2017 Edition

Oh, hi there! It’s been a long while since I last posted on my blog. I mean a REALLY long while! Life had taken a busy turn for a bit (doesn’t it always?) but I’m excited to be back on the blog with some holiday decor inspiration, 2017 edition. Few things bring me quite as much excitement as the holiday season, and I’ve been pinning up a storm of late, so I’m sharing some of the decor looks I’m loving right now, after the jump. Continue reading “Holiday Decor Inspiration: 2017 Edition”

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